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Whitepaper: Coming out of lockdown – Digital Transformation for Hospitality Operators

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed both consumer behaviour and hospitality operations forever. Although there is appetite for returning to restaurants, there is still a large proportion of the population who are wary of dining out immediately. Consumer behaviour has also been shaped by lockdown as they have been pressed into online shopping, digital ordering, payment and virtual communication or face being even more isolated. The rise of consumers’ digital behaviour and the strict social distancing restrictions operators will need to enforce has led to brands diversifying both their on and off premise digital ordering capabilities.

Download our whitepaper today for an in-depth look at how:

  • the hospitality industry has been impacted by the pandemic
  • the market has adapted to challenges such as cash handling, aversion to touch and social distancing
  • operators are turning to digital transformation to get back on track

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