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UK turns to ‘pick me up’ deliveries during Lockdown 

Since lockdown, businesses and their customers have shown just how resilient they are.  

We have all adapted our lifestyles to suit our personal living and working situation, whatever they be. Bike stores have seen sales soar (online retailer Wiggle says its UK sales have increased by 192 per cent since the start of lockdown) as people seek fun ways to exercise and spend time with families, while restaurants, pubs, coffeeshops and delis have adopted digital ordering to meet rising consumer demand for takeaway meals, grocery boxes and recipe packs.  

Now, two months after restrictions on businesses, travel and social interaction were put in place, patterns are emerging to show exactly what it is that consumers are craving and how they’re treating themselves during this time.  

According to Google Search data, as reported by the BBC, one of the biggest surges in search data has been for companies that will delivery afternoon and cream teas.  

A spokesperson for Rodda’s, the Cornish clotted cream business, suggested the popularity may be to do with a wish for home comforts. They said: “A cream tea is one of those special moments, conjuring up fond memories of time spent with loved ones.” 

After cream teas, we were excited to see that TGI has seen the second largest spike in search traffic (550% increase) alongside the term delivery. The company, which launched Click & Collect, plus kerbside delivery using QikServe’s Preoday product, on May 6th, has been inundated with customers eager to get their hands on their favourite Fridays’ meals. 

In fact, the service has been so popular, the company said, on Wednesday 27th May: “Following a hugely successful launch, we’re really excited to announce that we are opening an additional 12 #restaurants today for Click & Collect and/or Home Delivery (via partners Deliveroo and JUST EAT) to help more of our fans get that Fridays Feeling! ? ? 

The post included the news that wine, beer and prosecco are also being added to the Click & Collect offer at selected locations. 

Given that the same Google Search data showed a 400% increase in Google searches for ‘Cocktail’ alongside ‘Delivery’ – such news will likely be welcomed by the restaurant chain’s loyal customer following.  

It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise; with restaurants, bars and pubs closed for a number of weeks now, enjoying a drink at home has become normal. Ordering it in, however, offers customers an ‘experience’, an opportunity to try something different when each consecutive day feels largely the same, and a way of avoiding a visit to the supermarket. 

The customer demand for ordering their favourite food and drink online is helping hundreds of businesses, both local and enterprise, to find a way through the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are adapting to new operational practices and adopting the technology they need to facilitate ordering and delivery; we’re proud to be play a role in helping brands like TGI Friday’s achieve their goals.  

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