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The Results Are In!!

So, we haven’t let up and are still moving at pace! Working hard to get a QikServe restaurant near you. We have also been finding out what restaurant customers want. Inspired by a National Restaurant Association (NRA) survey, which showed that 29% of adults would use a mobile device app to place orders for food and drinks if it were offered. We believed this would be higher and we wanted to see if this was still true? So, we turned to social media and put up a Facebook poll to gather some data.

With almost 500 responses so far, the results surpassed our expectations. We were expecting to be higher but still close to the NRA poll. A staggering 72% of respondents said they would use a service like QikServe’s. Only 15% saying that they would not use the service. The “Don’t Knows” could go either way. We got some interesting comments to:

“Definitely. From the restaurant’s point of view, more covers is more money, and to do more covers you need to get them in and out faster. This sounds excellent.”

“Yes totally but only if it was ultra easy because if it wasn’t then I would get annoyed and just ask.”

These are excellent, positive comments. And, yes, the QikServe app is ultra easy. Open the app, scan the table and your ready to start ordering. We also got some other comments about taking jobs from waiting staff. Far from it, we want waiters to focus on hospitality and the comfort of the diners. Imagine how attentive serving staff could be when they are not needing to take down orders. When we move into semi counter service i.e. order your food at the bar, then the benefits for diners are huge. Many people cited restaurants like Nandos and Wetherspoons as places that they’d love to see QikServe.

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