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The perils of poor customer service: more than one in 10 have skipped on a bill; 90% have withheld tips : QikServe Blog

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Waiting too long a key factor in reasons given for not tipping or leaving without paying 

Edinburgh, UK September 14, 2016 QikServe, the mobile order and payment specialist, today announced that more than one in 10 of consumers admit to having left a restaurant, café or bar without paying. The statistic was discovered as part of a survey about customer service in the hospitality sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the QikServe survey of restaurant goers found that 90% had withheld a tip for a variety of reasons, but the same study revealed that 12% of the same group had skipped out on paying a bill completely.

Click here to download the full release as a PDFQikServe Release Dine and Dash

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