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The Complete Service

The benefits of customers self ordering in reducing costs are actually really obvious. It is the other stuff that can really impact your bottom line. We have all experienced this, service is quite good to begin with right up until you’ve been served your main course and then it falls away. It’s as if staff believe their job is done as soon as your main course has been served or they are just too busy to get to you. Restaurants are missing out on revenue, because of this!

Think of all those desserts and coffees that could have made it to customers via a second service and how much extra your operation could have made. Diners hate obstacles to service and not being able to catch the waiter’s attention or having to get up and order at a counter for a second time when you want to order dessert and coffee are just two examples of such obstacles. They usually make a choice here. Sit and get frustrated or get the bill and leave! Either way you end up with a ‘detractor’.

A traditional way to try and solve this would be to add more waiting staff at an obvious cost. A better solution would be to provide a service on demand solution. What if there was a way to give every customer their own waiter. Well QikServe does just that!

Our research has shown that 70% of diners would place a food or drinks order using a mobile device in a restaurant where the facility existed. This is far higher than the National Restaurant Association poll which put this at 29% (still a significant number!). It now seems widely accepted that moving to a self ordering model can reduce your operating cost by 30% but the real power of QikServe lies in it ability to deliver increased sales by giving customer the opportunity to complete the service on their own terms, removing any availability obstacles placed in front of them.

To find out more about QikServe and how it can help drive your restaurant efficiency and sales visit our website ( or contact us directly to arrange a demo.

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