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That Elusive Second Service and Beyond?

The second service is a frustrating dilemma on both the part of the restaurant operator, and the diner. The operator looses a sale and the diner is frustrated that there was no-one to take that dessert order when the notion took them. QikServe offers the diner choice and convenience. Order what they want, when they want it. This doesn’t make the waiter redundant. QikServe is an enabling technology, it is about giving customers choices and freeing staff to take care of things that really matter in fast casual dining; comfort, speed and attention.

For decades, restaurants have struggled with how to capture every possible second service. And normally it is a staff numbers game. But more staff is more cost. When customers are looking for the value and convenience of fast casual dining, whether semi-counter or waited, adding more cost is not the thing to do.

Giving diners a waiter in their pocket is not the only way QikServe helps. The other way to get that second service is to offer customers things they really want. If they are just a coffee at the end of meal type of person, why not entice that order with a special offer. If they are the desserts sort of person, like me, learn about what they like and help them make that decision. QikServe helps you learn about your customers. Reward them with QikServes in-built loyalty capability. Find out more at and why not drop us a line. We’d be delighted to talk to you.

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