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Mobile Ordering on Restaurant Terrace

Surviving the Summer with Mobile Technology 

As temperatures rise and summer approaches, the hospitality industry braces itself for the bustling season ahead. With busier days come both exciting opportunities and unique challenges, with staffing constraints at the forefront. To navigate this period successfully and ensure peak sales while catering to today’s digital savvy guests, brands must harness the power of hospitality technology. Enter QikServe, a trailblazing technology innovator delivering a comprehensive suite of digital commerce solutions for food and beverage ordering in the hospitality sector. Our QR Code Ordering solution promises to help you not only survive the summer rush but thrive amidst it. 


To not only survive, but thrive during the summer surge, hospitality brands must adopt a proactive stance. Begin by laying a robust groundwork, seamlessly integrating technology into every aspect of your operation and optimizing online ordering systems to cater to the evolving preferences of your clientele. Prioritize your guests’ needs and desires, ensuring that every digital solution enhances their dining experience.  

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Outdoor Dining

When it comes to outdoor dining, operational challenges can sometimes overshadow the allure of the al fresco ambiance. While guests often automatically prolong their stay when they can get table service outside, they can be discouraged from staying and spending when the service is slow or poor. Don’t let service hiccups spoil the sunshine for your patrons; harness the power of mobile technology to ensure your outdoor diners enjoy seamless service from start to finish. 

While al fresco dining holds undeniable charm for customers, many hospitality venues hesitate to expand their service to outdoor areas due to concerns about operational complexities. Balancing staff between indoor and outdoor spaces can lead to subpar service and guests may struggle to attract staff attention or communicate effectively, compounded by inconvenient access to POS terminals typically located indoors. However, imagine banishing these challenges while reaping the benefits of increased outdoor sales and guest satisfaction. Guests are more inclined to dine outside when presented with the option to order and pay at table themselves, eliminating the need for wait staff to juggle indoor and outdoor demands. 

By empowering guests with a mobile order and payment solution, they can relax in the sun and place customized orders, split bills, and settle payments without the need to wait on staff availability. This also enables your team to focus on providing exceptional service to high-value customers or those seeking face-to-face assistance. 

Strategies to Boost Profits and Delight Guests

Utilizing your outdoor space isn’t just about expanding seating capacity; it’s a strategic move that can significantly boost revenue – with more available seating, you can cater to a larger number of guests. But it’s not just about numbers; outdoor dining offers a unique ambiance that appeals to guests seeking a more relaxed and laid-back experience. Paired with enticing summer food and drink specials, the outdoor atmosphere fosters a sense of enjoyment and encourages guests to indulge a little more. Sales often dip when guests return indoors to wait for another drink, but venues have observed an uptick in customers opting for pricier beverages, such as cocktails, while relishing the outdoor ambiance.  

Elevate Your Guest Experience with Exclusive Mobile-Based Offers and Promotions 

The hospitality industry has a golden opportunity to harness the power of mobile technology to create exclusive offers and promotions that captivate their audience in the summer months. By leveraging mobile technology and easy menu management, hospitality brands can craft personalized deals tailored to the preferences of their guests. Whether it’s a limited-time discount on refreshing summer cocktails, a buy-one-get-one-free offer on seasonal appetizers, or a special outdoor dining experience package, mobile-based promotions can entice customers to choose your venue over a competitors’. Additionally, incorporating mobile loyalty programs allows restaurants to reward frequent diners with exclusive perks and incentives, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business. By embracing mobile technology to deliver targeted offers directly to customers’ smartphones, restaurants can elevate their summer marketing efforts and drive increased foot traffic and revenue. 



Take the Next Steps

QikServe’s mobile technology solutions, built for hospitality, can help you embrace digital solutions and harness the power of mobile technology. Your outdoor dining experience can transcend mere efficiency and become a catalyst for heightened customer satisfaction and lasting loyalty. Unlock the potential of mobile innovation with QikServe to craft unforgettable al fresco dining moments for your guests. 


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