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Our expert customer support team is ready to guide you from the moment you join the QikServe platform.

Our expert Customer Success and Support teams are ready to guide you from the moment you join the QikServe platform. We make your onboarding journey smooth and simple.

Single site and micro-chains can expect to be up and running with QikServe rapidly, while enterprise customers will be assigned a customer success manager to guide and prepare them for launch on their timeline.

Your QikOrder onboarding journey

How we support you

Our Knowledge Base is your first port of call for any questions about how to make the most of your platform. The online guide outlines the steps you need to setup your venue and start taking orders.

From styling to payment processing, every aspect of our products is covered. We recommend you use the Knowledge Base in addition to our training calls, which all customers are welcome to join.

Get in touch

Once you are live, our customer service team can be contacted on support@qikserve.com. Use this email for any product related questions, if you need marketing input or want to add a feature to your service. Our standard business hours are 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday (British time).

If you’re reporting an issue, please include the following:

• Store name

• Brief summary of the issue encountered

• Any check or table numbers affected by the issue

• The number of stores affected

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