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Summer is here and I want one of those buns!

Well, Isn’t this weather glorious? As I sit outside a coffee shop with my laptop open I realise just how many service barriers exist even here. I am watching people as they hover in anticipation of someone vacating their seat, no chance I am leaving mine! Some have been in and are carrying laden trays with hot coffee others are taking a gamble and hawking a table first.

Then I spot the biggest Chelsea Bun ever on someone else’s tray and I realise I have a dilemma. I really want a Chelsea Bun, they are my favourite and my extremely large coffee which I thought would last me has all but gone. Now, what do I do?

It seems my options are limited. What I really want to do is bring out my phone and be able to open my QikServe App to order said Chelsea Bun and a refill. But alas this cafe has not yet been enlightened. I see a member of staff and seize the opportunity to ask. “Can I have one of those Chelsea Buns and another coffee please?”. “I’m afraid I can’t take orders sir, you’ll have to go inside!” was the response.

I looked around some more and realised that about 50% of the tables were in the same predicament. Some were lucky enough to have company, so someone from the table just went in and ordered. That too struck me as inconvenient. I am sure they were having a great conversation prior to this.

As for me, I had no option. I had to forego the chelsea bun (not necessarily a bad thing) and pack up my stuff and see if I could find another coffee shop where I could go through it all again or just head back to the office.

But before I go, some questions. How much is that coffee shop losing in sales because people can not get that second cup of coffee easily or because they don’t want to engage in the table game and instead go elsewhere? This can’t be the only coffee shop/cafe that would seem to benefit hugely from helping customers overcome service barriers? Do they think it is too expensive offer mobile technology?

QikServe is not expensive. In fact I’d go so far as to say it is cheap especially given the value that can be derived. Now for a little chat with the manager before I go ;-)

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