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Smart Ordering in Theme Parks

Staycation Trends in Theme Parks and Resorts

In the aftermath of global disruptions and travel constraints, staycations have emerged as a lasting trend, presenting a unique opportunity for the hospitality industry, particularly theme parks and resorts, to capitalize on the surge in domestic tourism 

In 2023, a myriad of issues ranging from air traffic control problems to airport strikes, wildfires, and geopolitical conflicts made international travel a daunting prospect. These challenges, compounded by economic uncertainties and inflation, spurred a significant shift is consumer behaviour. Notably, Brits amongst others increasingly favored domestic holidays, with staycations soaring in popularity from 12% to a remarkable 41% in just one year. 

Theme parks and resorts can leverage this surge in domestic tourism by embracing digital ordering options, thereby transforming the guest experience. This approach not only diminishes contact points, easing the burden on your staff, but also amplifies convenience and efficiency for visitors. Pre-ordering and pick-up services minimize wait times, ensuring guests spend more time enjoying attractions and less time in queues. 

Flexibility in pricing and packages is crucial for accommodating diverse financial situations and schedules resulting from economic pressures. Offering a range of options enables guests to tailor their experiences, boosting the accessibility and appeal of the park or resort.  

Adapting to this shift requires rethinking traditional revenue streams and enhancing the guest experience to meet evolving expectations. While admissions and accommodation remain primary revenue sources, food and beverage (F&B) offerings constitute a significant portion of income, followed closely by merchandise and sponsorships. 

The Rise of Digital Solutions

In this new landscape, embracing technology becomes paramount. By implementing a bespoke, branded mobile online ordering platform can take the guest experience to the next level. By engaging guests before their visit, parks and resorts can build anticipation and excitement, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.  

Empowered with the ability to collect spending data, brands are provided with valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences, enabling parks and resorts to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach can also help optimize on-site operations, from staffing levels to inventory management, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings. 

Introducing digital ordering within restaurants and other locations such as lodges or picnic areas aligns with the growing demand for contactless services, improving operational efficiency and opening new revenue streams as guests embrace the convenience and safety of digital ordering. 

Bust Your Queues and Optimize Your Sales

Traditionally, long queue times and crowded food halls were perceived as an inevitable drawback to enjoying the thrills of theme park attractions. However, the advent of mobile ordering and payment solutions has disrupted this narrative, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction in equal measure. Reduced wait times for food translates to more time spent exploring rides, shows, and attractions—the very essence of the theme park experience. A study conducted by two our partners, Oracle and Merlin Entertainment, revealed that over half of respondents would indulge in more food and drink purchases if spared the ordeal of queuing, underscoring the substantial financial gains awaiting parks through digitalization initiatives. 

The benefits of mobile ordering solutions extend beyond revenue generation and improve the overall operation of the park. Streamlined processes alleviate staff burden, mitigate congestion, and optimize order flow, culminating in an enriched guest experience characterized by seamless service and enhanced enjoyment. In essence, the digital transformation of food and beverage ordering has signalled a new era for theme parks and resortsone defined by efficiency, convenience, and unparalleled guest satisfaction.  

As the industry navigates the evolving landscape of domestic tourism, leveraging technology remains pivotal in crafting memorable experiences that resonate with guests and ensure sustainable growth. 

Take the Next Steps

Looking to seize the opportunities presented by this summer’s influx of staycationers? QikServe offers cutting-edge technology solutions poised to revolutionize the hospitality industry – including theme parks and resorts. Our suite of tailored solutions encompasses bespoke mobile ordering and payment platforms, intuitive kiosks, seamless QR code ordering systems, and convenient online ordering portals.  

Our digital ordering capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into your F&B outlets, offering order-to-location services for lodges, cabins, picnic areas, and more, meaning you can tap into previously untapped revenue streams while remaining agile in response to ever-changing preferences.  

Ready to elevate your theme park or resort experience and maximize revenue potential in the era of staycations? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative solutions can transform your business. 

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