Introducing Suggestive Selling

Digital ordering has allowed hospitality to improve speed and efficiency, but this may not have always translated to increased order values like a good, knowledgeable server could bring.

QikServe is proud to announce the first release of the Suggestive Selling program to our digital ordering platform which can help our customers improve average spend per head.

Currently, the Suggestive Selling feature not only allows you to suggest items when the consumer is completing their purchase, but can be further configured to provide upsell and cross-sell variations in several scenarios including:

  • Time of day and day of week – Lunchtime specials for example
  • Items already in the basket – Upgrades and complementary products
  • Suggestions when items are missing – the addition of a dessert or drink.

Suggestive Selling is a program, not just a feature

Suggestive Selling is an ever evolving program, rather than a set of new features. We understand that these tools must work collaboratively, and fit within our development ethos offering consumers accessible, friction-free experiences. The evolution of digital ordering is only gathering pace and the requirements (technical, operational, logistical and experiential) upon the software are growing with it.

What does this mean for our customers? We continue to innovate, introducing powerful new features to the Suggestive Selling program. Each update is designed to be a natural part of the checkout process and enhance the customer experience.

Suggestive Selling can provide powerful results to increase average spend per head.

Suggestive Selling is not our upsell

The Suggestive Selling program is included as part of our digital ordering platform offering. No additional fees or commissions are payable. We believe in continuous innovation to empower our customers and offer the best experience for the consumer.

Ready to increase average spend per customer?

Does your current platform offer this functionality? If not, maybe it’s time to speak to us about how QikServe can unlock your business’s potential.

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