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Shaping the hospitality industry through technology partnerships

Daniel Rodgers, Founder of QikServe recently attended the Retail Technology Show at Olympia, London, and was invited as a guest of international technology partner, FreedomPay.

Mike Giambattista, CEO and Publisher of TheCustomer caught up with Daniel to discuss the partnership and what makes it a successful collaboration: “For us, a successful collaboration is about building upon the great technology our customers already have. They’re already familiar and invested in FreedomPay’s software.

“We can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when someone wants to undertake a digital transformation. QikServe’s foundation is a powerful set of API’s (application programming interface) and any technology can access QikServe through our channels. Customers can also build channels on top of it to create a business system that fully fits their needs, so there is no compromise. Currently we’ve integrated the software with around 80 different hospitality technologies around the world.”

Sharing values with our technology partners

If we reflect on FreedomPay as a partner, we share a lot of values around how we respond to customers. We always try to be the technology leader and remain agile and responsive. When you combine that with other partners that share that vision of doing the right thing, you build great technology that totally supports your customers’ needs.

Nate Ware, SVP, Sales & Digital Development at FreedomPay agrees: “FreedomPay and Qikserve form a powerful tech partnership delivering critical commerce solutions to merchants cross border. It is no longer strictly a function of a business to have the right tech stack it’s essential to have the right, trusted and secure partner portfolio”

Daniel continued: “The best partnerships are where two brands are completely aligned in vision and values and our collaboration with FreedomPay is one example of that. I would say we’ve fantastic synergy on our customer base and the type of technology.”

For instance, QikServe is one of the longest-standing Oracle POS partners and we’ve developed a deep understanding of its technology over a number of years. This means that when we collaborate with partners, we’re able to delve into their needs and utilise our industry know-how on how tech stacks fit together and create advantageous bespoke solutions.

Daniel commented: “On the other hand, we wouldn’t necessarily try and influence the technology strategy, but we’ve seen enough good and bad implementations that we can advise our customers to the best fit for their requirements.”

“I would say we’ve fantastic synergy on our customer base and the type of technology.”

Simplyfing the digital solution with partners

At QikServe we can really simplify the experience for operators through our partnerships. We’re able to take the complexity out of implementing digital solutions, and because of our APIs we can interface with existing or legacy technology.

That’s why our customers choose QikServe and why last year we served over 23m end-consumers. Our team of industry experts distil down into how we manage data that’s running through hospitality business’ and how that can be used to power digital transformation.

We’re more than happy to openly discuss the best options for our customers – which is our priority. QikServe can do this through our partnerships with leading companies and technology in the industry.

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