Travel & Tourism

Enhance customer experiences, remove queues and drive spending

One view ordering

Customers love the variety offered by a multi-vendor site, for instance at a train station or airport terminal. They don’t love having to queue, order and pay over and overQikOrder lets customers choose items from a mixture of outlets, setting times for collection, all in one app.  

Flexible and fast

Depending on your setup, menus and available vendors might change regularly. QikServe gives you complete control through its global dashboard. You can switch menus, branding and service times, all in real-time and with ease.  

No more queues

COVID-19 has brought about a ‘new normal’ and, while travel means proximity to others is hard to avoid, customers will feel reluctant about unnecessary queuingQikOrder removes the need to wait in line, increasing fulfilment efficiency and protecting customers with safe, contactless ordering and payment. 

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