Streamline operations, enhance customer experiences and improve profitability

Have total control

QikServe gives you the tools to take control through your global dashboard and ordering portal.

Want to change your ordering slots or extend preparation times during peak hours? Is a menu item suddenly out of stock? You can update your ordering platform instantly, in real-time – there’s no need to wait for us to do it for you.

Management dashboard

Take control of your brand

Your product, your service, your brand. We never stand between you and your customers. Our products carry your identity; you get a customised interface and choose the images and logos you want.

What is more, you collect and own all your ordering data; applying gathered information to marketing and loyalty gives you the power to take your brand and customer engagement to new heights.

Flexible ordering operations

There’s no ‘one way’ for restaurants to offer digital ordering and payment in 2021. Restaurants can use QikOrder and Pay at Table to form a set of solutions and customer journeys that suit their individual needs. With on-premises and off-premises ordering and applications including mobile, web, tablet and kiosk, we can implement a range of different customer journey/s across your brand’s entire estate.

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