Pubs & Bars

Control the ordering journey, remove queues and build customer profiles

Lose the queues

The days of queuing and the crush at the bar are behind us. COVID-19 has brought about a ‘new normal’ and customers will continue to feel reluctant about standing in close proximity to strangers for some time. QikOrder removes the need to queue, increasing fulfilment efficiency and protecting customers with safe, contactless ordering and payment.

Priceless marketing data

Customer details and spending behaviour are priceless commodities that are lost each time you process a manual transaction. Transferring sales online allows you to capture that data and the QikServe platform gives you the tools to make smarter, more targeted marketing decisions, set promotions and drive customer loyalty.

Have total control

QikServe gives you the tools to take control through your global dashboard and ordering portal.

Want to change your ordering slots or extend preparation times during peak hours? Is a menu item suddenly out of stock? You can update your ordering platform instantly, in real-time – there’s no need to wait for us to do it for you.

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