Leisure, entertainment and events

Remove queues, enhance customer experiences and drive revenue

No more interval rush

QikServe is ideal for events and activities with scheduled intervals or ‘break times.’ Staff receive live updates of all the orders that need fulfilling and can prepare them ready for delivery or collection during the given timeslot. Customers don’t even need to queue – they simply pick-up their order from a designated collection point or have it delivered to them in-seat.

Increased transaction values

The value of digital orders is consistently higher than those made face-to-face. QikOrder’s in-built features include up-selling tools that allow brands to customise their menus, add modifier options and persuade users to buy more. Our loyalty card option can further be used to drive greater spend per transaction.

Capture the lost pound

Whether it’s because of long queues, or because their seats are too comfortable, events frequently suffer from the ‘lost pound. Customers that prefer to stay in their seat rather than risk missing part of the show by waiting to place an order during the break. Digital ordering for collection – or ordering for seat delivery – removes that risk, convincing previously-reluctant audiences to spend.

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