Corporate Catering

Boost employee satisfaction, improve productivity and navigate dietary needs

Enhance employee satisfaction

COVID-19 has changed the face of the corporate world. Flexible working will be more commonplace and the ‘perks’ that employees look for in a business will change. Healthy, easily accessed food will be essential, and ordering it without queuing with hundreds of other staff during the lunchtime rush will be required to maintain an employee’s sense of safety.

Cater for allergen requirements

Whether by choice or necessity, customers often have specific dietary requirements. QikOrder’s extra allergen management feature offers end-to-end ingredient transparency for corporate caterers, their kitchen staff and customers. With it, customers can search and filter menus based on their dietary requirements before placing orders and paying, this takes the stress of choosing a meal and means the safety of those with special dietary requirements is ensured.

Improved efficiency and sustainability

Caterers can lose thousands of pounds each year from unused stock. When staff use QikOrder to choose their meals in advance, caterers can plan better and manage their resources, improving stock forecasting and reducing waste. Conversely, they also ensure they don’t run out of in-demand items.

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