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Secrets of self-service success: making it big with marketing

Whatever your reasons are for implementing a kiosk solution, you won’t see the results you want until people are using your kiosks time and time again. Here’s our step-by-step guide to making it big with marketing and ensuring you see that all important customer uptake.

Onsite marketing

Appoint dedicated kiosk advocates that welcome customers to the store and direct them straight to your kiosks. Let your employees enhance the experience by being on hand to field any questions or explain how and why these kiosks benefit customers. Guests will appreciate your kiosks even more when staff explain they can beat the lunch time rush hour lines by using them and collecting their order at a dedicated express collection point.

Print eye-catching signs, posters, table talkers and flyers to promote your kiosks and their benefits in and around your stores. If you have digital signage or dual POS screens at check-out, consider using them to promote your new kiosk service for your customers’ next visit. You could also consider running a higher incentive campaign offering the first 100 users of the kiosks a free dessert, for example.

Top tips for in-store flyers:
  • Ensure placement is at eye level
  • Emphasize speed and ease of use
  • Use arrows to direct traffic if necessary
  • Highlight key benefits

Offsite Marketing

Having a PR strategy in place to make a splash about your new technology is a great way of publicizing your kiosks. There are a number of angles your PR folks could take advantage of. Here are just a few ideas:

Industry media

Cement your brand’s position as a trailblazer when it comes to digital innovation. Give the industry a sneak peek into your long-term digital strategy focusing on how kiosks are just the starting point into complete customer engagement transformation. Offer exclusive interviews with your CEO or other members of your executive team explaining the launch and what it means for the longer term.

Local media

Is your brand concentrated in specific cities or regions? Tailor your approach to target the media that cover your area. Get quotes from local or regional managers about the benefits of kiosks and any local competitions or promotions associated with launch. Organize a photo-call so your staff and local guests can feel part of the story and grab their 15 minutes of fame at the same time.

National media

Are you a national or international brand? Take your story to the top tier of media by giving them the scoop on the impact of your kiosk investment. You might want to include powerful quantitative data about how self-service kiosks have improved efficiency or boosted revenues. Arrange a photo-call with top title publications to the launch of the kiosks at a flagship store with your brand’s CEO for example. Highlight your brand’s dedication to customer service and experience by giving an insight into future digital deployments to transform the user journey.

Social media

Make all your digital channels work hard for you when it comes to promoting kiosks. Get your web team to create banners and provide FAQs and additional information on your website. Use your social media channels to post images of customers using your kiosks and get quotes from them about how it saved them time and how easy they are to use.

Social is also a great channel for shouting about any kiosk-related promotions you might be running in the wake of launch. You might even consider running a social campaign to drive interest and engagement around your kiosk deployment. For example, offering prizes to the first 500 users who post a photo of themselves using the kiosks on Facebook or Twitter using a specific hashtag.

Distributing flyers to those in close proximity to your stores can also help with kiosk adoption, especially during peak periods such as the morning or lunch time rush. Be sure to make your flyers eye-catching and simple with a clear message of the benefits kiosks offer your customers. You can even use your flyers to promote a kiosk-only offer.

If you have a good quality database of customers, why not email them and let them know about your new kiosks? Again, by keeping the message short, clear and focussed on the benefits kiosks offer your guests, you can really help boost adoption post launch. Mailers can also help spread the word about any kiosk-only incentives you might be running during the launch.

Of course, having a strong on and offsite marketing strategy is just one process you should have in place if you are to maximize your kiosk investment and ensure a fast ROI. Find out what other measures you should take to ensure a smooth and successful deployment in our FREE Secrets of Self-Service Success eBook.

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