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Rise of the Silver Surfers: Are you missing out on this lucrative demographic?

Are you a restaurant, hotel, casino, stadium or other Hospitality provider that’s guilty of overlooking the over 50s when it comes to implementing new guest-facing technologies? It’s costing you sales.

As the Hospitality industry turns to technology to make their operations run more efficiently, modernise their customer experience and encourage greater spend, the over 50s are being overlooked as a viable technology user demographic with the majority of marketing effort and spend firmly directed at Millennials.  As the over 50s become more digitally enabled spending an increasing amount of time online and connecting with younger family members, operators should consider the power of the grey pound to widen their reach, reinvigorate sales and maximize revenues.

Ronnie Forbes, CEO, QikServe explains, “The 20 to 30 age group are an obvious and lucrative market but in a hugely competitive industry such as Hospitality, we see operators continually overlooking the over 50s – an age group that have tremendous spending power and the technological savvy that could give brands that slight revenues edge if they were a little more inclusive in their marketing effort.”

Here are 7 reasons why operators should be giving the over 50s more tech respect:

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