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Reducing basket abandonment with a slick and intuitive checkout experience

User Experience (aka UX) design is one of the most important factors when creating a digital ordering platform, but is seldom considered by vendors and consumers.

Poor UX is easy to spot – too many options, confusing layout and clashing colour pallet for example. All such instances can lead to a poorly performing digital platform – high drop offs and low conversion rates.

However, good UX is more difficult to determine. As consumers sail through the ordering process, to basket and checkout, very few exclaim “Wow, that was easy.” But in essence, great design just sits in the background. Everything should be fast, efficient and intuitive with little effort or thought of what action to perform next.

Our 11-year heritage in digital ordering for both on and off premises, as well as the insights from 4,000+ venues across 26 countries, ensures we optimise the customer journey through great UX.

According to research from Baymard*, 48% of all basket abandonments during checkout are due to some form of payment issue, whilst 48% of abandons are due to extra (hidden) costs.

Reasons for Abandonments during Checkout
A friction-free checkout experience

Our checkout process has been designed to be friction-free to ensure basket abandonment is as low as possible. How do we do this?

1 – Clear review checkout screen (no hidden costs!) with options to:

  • Amend basket items
  • Amend location/delivery details
  • Add special notes for the vendor
  • Add promo code (where applicable)
  • Add a tip (where applicable)
Clear review checkout screen

2 – A Unified Payment page which supports up to three payment methods:

  • Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Debit/Credit card via QikServe Payments Services or your Payment Gateway
  • Gift Card – (through our Gift Card partner integrations)

Google Pay and Apple Pay is an important addition as 17% of consumers don’t trust websites with credit card information.

A Unified Payment page which supports up to three payment methods

17% of consumers abandoned due to the checkout process being too long and complicated.  Our intuitive two-screen checkout could not be easier for the consumer, and by using Apple Pay or Google Pay, checkout can be completed in just two clicks.

Our Takeaway

Our digital platforms are designed with the consumer in mind, first and foremost. A clear and intuitive customer interface is paramount for all digital journeys – reducing confusion and frustration and increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

With insight from over 4,000 locations across 26 countries, we consider all the factors that make up a great customer experience, allowing you to concentrate on serving great food.

If you want to increase conversion rates, by reducing basket abandonments contact the team to see how our digital ordering platform can work for your business.

*Baymard Research – Reasons for Cart Abandonment – Based on 4,384 responses in a 2022 survey

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