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QikServe’s animal magnetism

Meet our Furry Friends, past and present

From a notorious rabbit who thought it was a dog to an uber fluffy Samoyed who’s always in the driving seat, we have some pretty amazing four-legged friends here at QikServe.

It’s fairly well known that owning a pet can help decrease stress and lower blood pressure but the benefits don’t stop there!  Did you know, they also help to lower cholesterol, provide natural immunotherapy and if you own a cat you’re 30% less likely to have a heart attack?  Not that we need any more reason to spend quality time with them other than they’re just so darn cute!

Introducing our furry other halves:


“She’s always keen to see what we do at QikServe.” – Dave, Implementation Consultant


Part polar bear, this Samoyed enjoys long drives in the countryside and scaring Edinburgh locals with his handy chew toy. Dianne, Executive Assistant


“The wonderful thing about Tigger is he makes the most comfortable furry pillow for my 10-month old.  He sounds like a clogged up hoover when she snores, and he needs to work on his mouse catching skills though.” – Nicola, Marketing Manager

Rab (2002 – 2013)

“This notorious little bunny was able to open doors, play fetch and generally live a life of rabbity crime.  Gone but not forgotten.” – Felicity, Marketing Executive

Bert & Paddy

These handsome boys watching their human: Phil, Customer Support Manager. You can catch him too at QikServe: The People.

Freaked out Bert and Snoring Paddy


Mick’s four-legged friend, Molly, is a real water puppy. Just make sure you’re not near her when she shakes her fur! Grace and Sam, keeping a safe distance in the background, know the score. Mick, COO,


“This is Rosie. She is a Russian Dwarf Hamster and likes strawberries and is a keep fit fanatic.” – Kris Moore, Key Account Manager

Misha & Coco

“I am vengeance.  I am the Night” – Misha

Paul, Product Manager


Brandy, with what we hope is a plastic fish.

“We’re best buds!” – Ben, Business Analyst


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