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Well, today was a big day!! Our website went live, as did all our social media. This is a massive milestone for the QikServe™ business and marks the beginning of a truly exciting year. Research has shown that 29% of restaurant goers would use a mobile device to place a food/drinks order if the system were available. To be honest, this just confirms what we knew already and my own personal experience.

The next phase of our business is to recruit as many restaurants as possible where diners can use the QikServe™ app. Our mission is to dramatically change the bar and restaurant landscape in a way that enhances the customer experience. We want to give control to the diner, no more waiting on waiters and no more getting up from your table to order your food and drinks. We also want the app to be easy to use. With a single action on your smartphone you will be presented with the correct menu for the restaurant, relevant to the time of day. We also see massive benefits for restaurants. Increased sales, increased profits and more satisfied customers. We want to hear from you.

Check out our Facebook page ( or follow us on Twitter,@QikServe. Let us know what you think about our product and service. If you have eaten out recently tell us about your experience. Let us know if the QikServe™ app would have enhanced your experience. If you just want to say “Hi”, that is fine to. We are looking forward to an exciting and engaging year. Come on the journey with us….

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