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QikServe: The People. Popping the hood on life at QikServe.

In this insightful new blog series we’ll be shining a spotlight on the passionate people at QikServe who work together to innovate and deliver order and pay solutions to the Hospitality industry.

In our first interview we hear from staff members: Kris, Georgios, Claude and Irina to find out more about who they are, what they do, and how they envisage the future of digital order and pay.

Kris – Key Account Manager


“As the Key Account Manager, I am responsible for generating sales by taking care of existing customers and helping them expand their self-service offering across their estates, as well as bringing in new business.

“Reviewing existing projects and understanding where they are in terms of success and delivery is a key part of my role, too. I have to liaise with every team in the company to achieve this.

“I genuinely get a thrill from making customers happy. It’s a great feeling to have somebody trust you to represent the customer and, vice versa, have the customer see you as the face of a business.”

How people will be ordering and paying for their food in the future according to Kris:

“I see voice assistants and chatbots dominating the food delivery scene in the very near future. And further down the line, I think we’ll see a huge uptake in the use of biometrics like facial recognition or finger print scanning at the point of pay.”

Georgios – Engineering Lead

“A typical day for me involves spending around 60% of my time on engineering and the rest providing technical guidance to the team as Engineering Lead.

“We’re a tight, agile team with some pretty big customers so communication is imperative to manage our workload.

“We work closely with the Operations and Implementation teams. They deliver our product and may even have to install it, so it’s important we liaise with them daily and run regular showcases and demos to show them how to use the technology.

“I started at QikServe as a Junior Engineer and back then my aim was just to be proud of what I deliver as an engineer. But now, as an Engineer Lead, what I find even more rewarding is being proud of what your team delivers.

How people will be ordering and paying for their food in the future, according to Georgios:

“I see mainstream Hospitality technology of the future being very simplistic. We’ll be able to use a few hand gestures to order and pay, through touch screen or maybe even a motion capturing device.”

Claude – Implementation Consultant

“I’m part of the Implementation team. We work together to deliver and install order and pay solutions across a global client base.

“Essentially – our job is to get stores to go live.

“To do this we have to work closely with other teams – particularly Project Development – as well as directly with our customers.

“A typical day for me involves coming in in the morning and checking support tickets and reviewing different monitoring tools to make sure there are no issues with any of our sites. I then go on to create new menu content, build picture assets and plan what future stores will look like.

“I like how my job can be creative. I get my satisfaction when I work for a week on a menu, then fire up the app; it looks great, and the Client agrees.”

How people will be ordering and paying for their food in the future, according to Claude:

“I think kiosks will be very present in the future. We’ll see lots of chains jumping on the technology bandwagon as people get used to using tablets, mobile and kiosks as payment options.

“Hospitality operators will have realised the benefits of on-premise technology – from more control, to data mining and adding value through upselling – and will be fully reaping the benefits.”

Irina – Finance Assistant


“I’ve been with QikServe for six months, having previously worked in finance within the third sector.

“At the start of the month I can often be found supporting the CFO with wider, strategy-level projects, whereas towards the end of the month there is a lot of reconciling and reporting that I need to take care of. But there really is no ‘typical day’ in the Finance department!

“What I find most interesting about my job is working with a company operating within different countries. It’s been a major learning for me understanding how different states operate with regards to tax, particularly in the U.S.

“It’s also amazing being able to work closely with experienced members of staff.”

How people will be ordering and paying for their food in the future, according to Irina:

“I think there will be more choices but less human interaction at the point of order and pay. And there will be a greater mix of technology, throughout the customer journey. People will feel very comfortable ordering and paying quickly and easily through automated systems.”

QikServe: The People is a series. Find out more about the faces of QikServe by checking out some of our other staff interviews –

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