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QikServe: The People. Meet Phil, our Customer Support Manager.

We sit down with Customer Support Manager, Phil, to find out about his first months working with QikServe.

[QikServe]: Hi Phil! What’s your job title and when did you start working with the company?

[Phil]: I’m the Customer Support Manager for QikServe and I started in March 2018.

[QikServe]: What are your main responsibilities?

[Phil]: My main responsibilities are making customers happy. I look after the Service Desk for our customers; where they contact us by email or telephone. I’m the first responder for any incidents that might happen, as well. In a nutshell: if something goes wrong, it usually comes to me first!

[QikServe]: What is the culture like at QikServe?

[Phil]: It’s a very relaxed kind of atmosphere. People are incredibly friendly, very welcoming, and I’ve never once yet felt like I’ve had to disturb someone to ask a question. Everyone’s always been very forthcoming with any information I need.

[QikServe]: What are the benefits of working for a small company?

[Phil]: The biggest benefit is flexibility. I’ve got a lot more free reign over what I can do and what I can achieve. I haven’t had an answer to one of my questions be ‘no’ yet – which is great. There’s a lot less bureaucracy to work through, too. If we think something is going to work, we go away and try it. If it doesn’t work, we try something else. Being able to move in such a rapid way allows us to roll out new solutions, or new ways of helping customers, very quickly.

[QikServe]: What projects have you worked on since starting?

[Phil]: The first major project I worked on was within a week of joining, and that was a re-vamp of our Service Desk. We needed something that was more long-term and a lot more scalable, so that was quite a major project — moving all our Help Desk tickets from one place to another.

[QikServe]: What brought you to QikServe and what is it like working in Edinburgh’s city centre?

[Phil]: I’ve lived in Edinburgh for the last ten years. I used to work for a company in Glasgow and the commute was horrendous. Being able to work and live in Edinburgh is a massive boost. A short bus journey to work, and a fantastic city to work in as well!

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