QikServe Product Update: New dynamic ordering feature – Advanced Order Slots

online ordering

QikServe has released Advanced Order Slots, a new dynamic ordering feature, to its QikOrder platform.   

The QikServe product update: Advanced Order Slots is an expansion of the platform’s original order capacity properties. Designed to give customers even greater control over their online service and business operations, the feature is especially useful for those food and hospitality businesses that experience predictable peak service times throughout the day and week.  

Using Advanced Order Slots, operators can set different order intervals per service. Intervals might be set to as little as 5 minutes, or in longer increments, for examples, 30 minutes. By setting longer periods between order intervals, brands give themselves more time to manage guests and prepare pending orders during peak hours. 

Further, within each set interval, operators can now be more flexible with order capacity. Operators can pre-establish an order capacity (the number of orders it wants to prepare within a given interval) for ‘default, ‘reduced’ and ‘expanded’ periods. This allows businesses to staff more appropriately and ensure they are ready for busy and quiet periods throughout the day or week.  

Brands can set multiple time periods within a day, or week, and state how many orders they would like to receive and at what order interval within that time. 

For operators unsure of trends in their digital ordering traffic, the QikServe dashboard provides history order data, including the time and day on which orders were placed. A simple analysis offers insight into regular peak and off-peak ordering times. 

Chief Revenue Office, Nick Hucker comments on the QikServe product update: “We are excited to be bringing this new feature to our platform. Once digital ordering is established within a business, it’s natural for the brand to want to take their service to a new level. Advanced Ordering Slots give the control and flexibility to achieve this.  


“The new feature is particularly useful for brands that experience peaks and troughs in footfall. Using Advanced Ordering they can keep operations from being overwhelmed at their busiest times; it ensures that a focus on excellent guest service and food quality is easily maintained. Following a positive experience, guests are more likely to return and repeatedly spend with a business.” 

The latest QikServe product update is now live across all customer sites, giving brands the option to use the feature or remain with their existing settings. Customers can visit the QikServe Knowledge Base for detailed information on configuring the new options or can contact us on support@qikserve.com.