New QikServe and Otter partnership eliminates the complexities of ordering platform management

QikServe and Otter have partnered to drive integration and operational efficiencies for food and hospitality businesses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many food and drink businesses digitised operations, adopting online and mobile ordering from companies like QikServe, as well as signing up to aggregator services from the likes of Uber Eats. Reservation solutions, EPoS and digital loyalty solutions have also grown in popularity as brands look to connect with and better serve their guests. While each solution brings its own benefits and opportunities, integrating the services is complex and can be confusing when there are multiple orders coming to the kitchen from different sources.

QikServe in combination with Otter solves this challenge.

Customers can use Otter as a connecting hub, bringing their branded ordering platform together with other external suppliers. The connected infrastructure makes it possible to merge orders taken from third party sites such as Uber Eats and Just Eat with QikServe, and present them to kitchen staff on a single, clear user interface.

The new partnership is already benefiting brands such as multi-site Catch Seafood which offers customers its own digital ordering service via QikServe, as well as Deliveroo and Just Eat options. It further integrates with the company’s EPoS system, powered by SamTouch.

Catch Seafood, says: “Working with QikServe and Otter in combination has been hugely beneficial to our business. Our staff has greater clarity over incoming orders and as a result, we can be more efficient and provide a greater experience for our customers. This combination of technology means we don’t feel we have to favour one ordering service over another, we can have the best of all worlds.”

Steve Hawkins, Director of Alliances at QikServe comments: “Technologies like QikServe are effective at saving businesses time and driving up revenue and spend per head. As the industry becomes increasingly digital though, it will be partnerships like the one we have with Otter that most effectively optimise kitchen efficiencies and streamline business operations.”

Gil Belford, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Otter, adds: “It’s our mission to help brands take control of their digital orders, no matter where they come from and how many platforms they are making use of. We’re thrilled to be adding QikServe to our list of leading ‘direct to consumer’ partnerships; together we can help empower brands by giving them the power to take control over their ordering and eliminate the complexities of multiple-platform management.”

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