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QikServe® Open Check


Don’t just pay, have it all your own way! As a tech business dedicated to helping hospitality consumers access service through their smartphone the development of our platform is our number one priority. Understanding how consumers behave and use our application and what operators want from offering the service is one of our key strengths. Above all consumers want to be empowered and to have flexibility.

QikServe® Open Check

What is it they say? ‘The customer is always right’. We’ve been listening to our users and building QikServe® around them. As a company dedicated to our mobile self service platform we are entirely focused on making QikServe the best in class and what we have learned is that above all operators and users alike want flexibility. Our latest development introduces exactly that flexibility.

So what is Open Check? Open Check is a way of giving complete control over to the consumers own device. Our standard solution offers the consumer the opportunity to check into the table via a QR code and then order and pay in-venue. Effectively, this covers the whole consumer flow, and not just payment. Open Check breaks up the service flow into three distinct parts. Order, reorder, and payment. It is driven off the POS system so the consumer can now choose to order and pay or mix it up.QikServe is the only application that brings together every part of the guest experience in a flexible and dynamic way.

Here is a scenario for you:

A group of friends enters a restaurant. They are shown to their table and a waiter takes their drinks order. Two other friends join them late. Rather than wait for the server to come back they can simply check into the table and place their drinks order and it automatically gets added to that the check for that table. While they are at it they can place the food order for themselves and the other friends who have all decided by now. Someone in the group needs to leave before the end of dinner and wants to pay. Easy, again they simply check into the table and pay for the items relevant to them. The check remains open to be cleared by the rest of the group at the end of the meal. They can choose to do this the traditional way, or again retrieve the check and pay with their phone. During dinner both the waiter and group can interact with the check. You see, ultimate power and control, not just payment, not just ordering, but what ever the customer wants.

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