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QikServe launches first accessible digital ordering platform  

If you’re interested in offering QikServe’s accessible platform to your guests, let us know – here.

QikServe has announced the launch of its accessible ordering platform. As part of the company’s commitment to giving all brands and their customers access great digital experiences, the platform has been enhanced to meet the needs of people with visual, auditory, physical and cognitive disabilities. 

There are four universal principles of digital accessibility: perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. QikServe’s accessible platform offers customised settings, uses direct language and presents an uncluttered user interface for optimised user clarity. Its aim is both to help operators run their business and access the widest possible market, as well as to give people living with disabilities the same digital ordering benefits as their peers. 

Dan Rodgers, President and Founder, QikServe, comments: “The market is evolving, digital ordering is being used more frequently by brands – at a small business and enterprise level. The changes are hugely positive for brands and consumers, but it is important that new digital services are available to everyone that wants them. Through inclusivity, technology has the power to drive social change; there are 1.3bn people in the world living with disability and every one of them should have the same opportunity to access digital ordering services from their favourite food and hospitality businesses.” 

Some of the accessibility adaptations made, include: 


  • Comprehensive screen reader support – improving image alt descriptions and heading information. 
  • Text to speech technology (used to render text and media tags as speech, or Braille)  
  • Copy displayed using high contrast colours and easy-to-read text sizing and spacing, whilst still supporting the brand identities of our operators. 
  • Multiple indication layers ensure critical elements of the UI are not reliant on just colour, text or shape. 


  • Users given volume control as well as a choice of sounds for any audible system notifications. 
  • Audible notifications are always accompanied by a prominent on-screen notification. 
  • Where device hardware is available, haptic feedback is used as well. 


  • Use of direct and straight-forward language. 
  • Empty space on the page utilised to break up sections and focus on content.  
  • Focus states for all interactive elements and text on the page for users relying on keyboard navigation. 


  • Design that avoids the need for long lists or lengthy content. 
  • Enhanced error tolerance for pages making for a more robust experience. 

Richard Murphy, Head of Product Design at QikServe adds: We believe it is important that digital experiences are easy, open and available to everyone, which is why our designs aim to minimise barriers and fuss. More than that, we consciously refrain from placing unnecessary content on our ordering or payment user interfaces. As the food and hospitality industry undergoes this digital transformation, it’s clear to us that dining should always be enhanced by digital, never diminished. For the purposes of accessibility, this means creating processes that are familiar and understood.” 

QikServe’s accessible ordering platform has been developed in line with digital aspects of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It also meets WCAG 2.0 AA standard, which are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as part of its Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Its goal is to provide a single shared standard for web content accessibility.  

Dan finishes: “Adaptations to our platform are regularly made in direct response to feedback from our customers and their guests; we always take the time to review and assess the unique needs of the brands we serve. Accessibility is something we know customers are keen to elevate within their stores and in their digital presence and we are proud to be able to help them achieve those goals.  

If you’re interested in offering QikServe’s accessible platform to your guests, let us know – here.

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