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QikServe launches competition to find the food and hospitality industry’s Serving Superstars

FridaysCenter ParcsWells & Co and Call Systems to judge entries and award the best server with a £1000 super tip.

A search for the food and hospitality industry’s best servers has been launched by QikServe.  The Serving Superstars competition is open to any professional food and/or drink servers; the winner will be awarded a £1000 super tip. Servers can be nominated by anyone including their employers, colleagues, or satisfied customers.

Suggestions for Serving Superstars can be made via Nominators are asked to explain why their candidate is a Serving Superstar and give examples of that person going above and beyond to provide excellent customer experience.

Judges from Fridays, Center Parcs and Wells & Co as well as Call Systems and QikServe will read each entry and decide on a winner who will be rewarded with the super tip. There will be two runners-up one of whom will receive a £200 Amazon voucher and one who will receive a £100 voucher for Fridays. Judging will take place at the Freedompay offices in Canary Wharf.

The competition opens on 9th August and closes on 15th September.

Damaein Houghton, Group Food & Beverage Operations Manager at Center Parcs comments: “Every food and hospitality business – and its employees – has been through a tough 15 months. Servers are the face of their employer’s brand; right now, they’re pushing harder than ever to raise the customer experience, taking it above and beyond the expected to help businesses survive and thrive. I am excited to read about our nation’s Serving Superstars and to reward one of them with an amazing tip in recognition of their work.”

Joe Medrek, Head of Information Technology at Wells & Co, says: “This competition is exciting and very timely – I can’t wait to get to judging and being inspired by the entries. Through Serving Superstars we’re giving a voice to the nation’s customers and the opportunity to share stories of positivity, celebrating people on the frontline of the industry.”

Mark Jeffries, Business Transformation Lead at Fridays and competition judge, adds: “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the industry’s best serving talent and, by extension, the brands behind them. Any person employed in a front-of-house role within the hospitality industry has a chance to win. Make sure you nominate your Serving Superstar as now more than ever they deserve your recognition. I can’t wait to uncover stories of caring, charismatic and talented people.”

Daniel Rodgers, President and Founder, QikServe, finishes: “QikServe is celebrating its tenth year of service to the food and hospitality industries this year. Rather than use that anniversary to self-congratulate, we want to turn our attention outwards and recognise the industry, and people with this industry, we are so proud to be a part of. I hope that this competition, and the tip we award, brings some well-deserved recognition to the hardest working Serving Superstars.”

Want to nominate someone for our Servings Stars competition?  Click here:

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