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QikServe bridges the gap between digital and traditional with its Tradigital open tab solution

QikServe today launched its revenue-driving open tab solution for hospitality operators. The pioneering technology allows guests to order food and drink to their table or seat, paying the final bill with their mobile device when ready.  

For brands, going digital has often meant sacrificing the traditional dining experience; guests are asked to download apps, create accounts and pay as they go. The new QikOrder solution bridges the gap between digital and traditional ordering. It offers guests the convenience of digital alongside the familiar, traditional dining they’ve been missing. QikOrder puts guests in control of their experience. They choose how much digital they want.  

Because payment isn’t taken at the point each order is made; guests are able to relax, adding extra items to the bill throughout their dining experience. Once ready, they can choose to split the bill between their numbers and add additional tips on our innovative ecommerce checkout experience for restaurants. The operator benefits further because, as payment is managed in one single transaction, the multiple transaction fees associated with pay-as-you-go apps are avoided.  

The cloud-based solution, part of the company’s patented (US9117231B2) QikOrder platform, further powers customer spending with a fresh, intuitive layout. This includes a carousel feature, to aid item discoverability and enable key menu items to be highlighted, as well as new standout product feature images. Operators can use the carousel to provide guests with shortcuts to menu sections, pay attention to popular or new menu items and push special offers.  

Recognising the importance of guest engagement to brands, and to maintain full-service experiences, the solution additionally allows servers to add items to the guest’s tab from the point of sale.  

Daniel Rodgers, President and Founder of QikServe, comments: “Our tradigital open tab solution is designed to put guests at ease; it makes the ordering experience easier and more natural, while encouraging greater guest spend. Every element of the customer journey has been carefully considered; we’ve deliberately kept the number of screens the guest visits to a minimum to maximise accessibility. For example, the technology introduces optional scrolling modifiers, that encouraging guests to add to their orders without extra clicks.” 

The look and feel of the new solution will be reflected throughout the QikOrder product, offering one cohesive experience whether ordering off-site or in-venue. Customer journeys, including web ordering for collection and kerbside delivery, will also enjoy an enhanced interface that includes larger images and a cleaner layout.  

Further add-ons to the solution are already in progress. Guests will soon have the option to submit payment information at the time of ordering. This will further streamline the payment process once they are ready to leave. Once details have been input, the order will be sent to the kitchen and the guest interface will move to a home screen, offering the option to browse the menu further, or view and pay the check. 

Dan finishes: At QikServe, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with integrated digital self-service. We know some operators are uncomfortable with existing at-table digital experiences as they are such a big departure from traditional dining. The new open tab solution is our response to their needs and is reflective of the way in which diners want to enjoy a meal out. COVID-19 and social distancing have accelerated the trend for contactless ordering technologies but that should not detract from the dining experiences we all love.” 

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