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Press Release. QikServe has strengthened their relationship with Como.

QikServe and Como Enhance Strategic Partnership to Support the Hospitality Industry

EDINBURGH, UK, NOVEMBER 28, 2023: QikServe, a pioneering name in digital guest ordering and payment technology, has strengthened their relationship with Como, a trailblazing innovator in all-in-one customer engagement and loyalty services. This enhanced strategic partnership marks the convergence of technology and guest experiences within the hospitality industry.

Combining QikServe’s expertise in digital guest ordering and payment, with Como’s unparalleled knowledge of guest-centric hospitality, this partnership will provide seamless, personalized, and immersive services for the hospitality industry.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our collaborative journey with Como,” said Nick Hucker, Chief Revenue Officer at QikServe. “Our shared vision of leveraging technology to elevate guest experiences aligns perfectly. With our fully integrated range of solutions, from mobile ordering to kiosks, our partnership brings both platforms together in a seamless journey for the operator and customer.”

This technology partnership empowers hospitality operators to gain deeper insights into guest preferences, ultimately tailoring services to individual needs in real-time.

“QikServe’s commitment to delivering unforgettable guest experiences aligns perfectly with Como’s mission,” stated Ruben Recio, VP of Business Development of Como. “QikServe’s innovative technology offers our mutual customers the opportunity to allow their customers to either sign up for loyalty or sign into their existing accounts thus enabling them to accrue and redeem benefits across QikServe platforms.”

Hospitality operators can anticipate a range of benefits from this partnership, including:

  • Personalized Offerings: By harnessing data insights, restaurants can curate tailor-made experiences based on dining preferences, ensuring each guest’s visit is memorable.
  • Enhanced Guest Engagement: Restaurants will be able to engage with guests in real-time both in-store and online, allowing for immediate issue resolution, personalized recommendations, and timely assistance.

About Como:
Como is a data-driven revenue generation CRM powering loyalty, customer engagement, and marketing activities for restaurants and retail businesses worldwide. Como is a global leader in customer engagement for businesses, from SMB to enterprise, offering state-of-the-art capabilities such as AI-powered marketing campaigns, auto-segmentation of customers, and omnichannel communication. Visit for more information or contact to speak with a member of our team.

About QikServe:
QikServe’s founder, Dan Rodgers, invented QR code ordering over a decade ago, after identifying it as a way to improve guest experience in hospitality. Since then, QikServe has built an industry leading product suite of digital ordering, payment solutions, and integration products. With offices in Denver (USA) and Edinburgh (UK), QikServe processes more than $500 million in orders for its customers every year. It powers digital experiences in nearly 40 countries around the world, enabling hospitality operators to transform their operations, increase revenue and enhance the guest experience. For more information, visit

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