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QikServe and Be Social

QikServe is not just about business efficiency and customer convenience.  We want to see more people eating out and being social.  QikServe is designed from the outset to integrate with social media platforms.  Let’s be clear, we are not talking about social media in the marketing sense i.e. just another ‘channel’ in which you put content. We want to give people the opportunity to talk and engage with each other around the QikServe platform and the network of restaurants using it. Check-in on a Nandos table and tell your friends on Facebook.  Having a burger and beer in Wetherspoons, tweet about it. Enjoying pizza in Prezzos or Pizza Hut with your friends, why not check them in while you are placing the order.

Had a good experience and want to tell your friends to come to, why not?

Had a bad experience? Tell your friends to. Its all good, we all have something to learn. The key is that QikServe gives people the opportunity to engage with others around a brand. QikServe is unique because it sets out to solve a tangible customer problem. Customers will want to open the app because they know it is going to be useful. QikServe lets restaurant speak to customers directly by getting to know what they like when they eat at a particular restaurant and they can target offers to suit that person. If customers keep coming back, reward them.

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