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QikServe and Acteol integration to deliver deeper customer data insights for hospitality brands

QikServe, the leading digital ordering solutions provider, is working closely with Acteol, the award-winning enterprise CRM solution for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, to provide restaurant brands with more accurate, individualised data on their customers for better marketing experiences.  

The deep integration between the two platforms allows hospitality brands to capture more detailed information about their customers’ purchasing behaviours including what they order, how much and when, as well as marketing preferences and contact information such as the guest’s email address.  This information is captured by QikServe and passed to Acteol’s CRM system to be used by brands to help them better understand their customers and to deliver more effective marketing campaigns with a better ROI.   

QikServe captures the necessary data automatically as the guest progresses through QikServe’s online ordering and payment journey.  The brand can then use the data to send offers to customers, for example, a discount on their favourite dishes, or send them more personalised experience surveys based on the time they visited and meals they enjoyed. 

“Personalisation is key to any successful marketing activity.  We’re excited to be working with Acteol to allow brands to make the most out of their customer data, marketing to their guests in a more personalised way. From a customer perspective, it makes for a more valuable experience.  They’re receiving offers based on their own preferences and behaviours which makes them more likely to engage and return to that brand for another visit,” explains Daniel Rodgers, Founder and President of QikServe.      

Stephen Powell Founder and Director of Acteol adds, “Our CRM platform fits perfectly with QikServe’s digital ordering journey.  Customer transaction data is passed seamlessly from QikServe to Acteol CRM and allows brands to gain better insights into their customers, what they order, how much they spend on certain items and surfaces any purchase and preference trends which is useful for personalised and omni-channel campaigning. It’s this kind of powerful integration that’ll give brands a strong advantage in driving repeat visits and spend.”  

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