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Self Service Food Kiosk Systems

Kiosk Ordering

The kiosk ordering revolution has transformed the hospitality industry. With Qikserve’s self-service kiosks, we bring the future of quick service restaurants to your fingertips, optimizing the ordering process while boosting efficiency.

Benefits of Integrating Qikserve's Kiosk Ordering System

Increase ATV

Guests, given the freedom to explore the menu at their own pace, are more likely to indulge in upsells, additional items, and enticing meal deals. On average, patrons spend 30% more when utilizing our self-ordering kiosks.

Boosted Order Precision

Our kiosk software ensures top-notch order accuracy, minimizing resource wastage and discrepancies. It's no wonder that 47% of diners prefer using kiosks for restaurants to tailor their orders.

Cut Queues & Reduce Wait Times

Say goodbye to long lines and counter congestion. Our kiosk solution effectively tackles the rush during peak hours, leading to expedited service and a surge in order-handling capability.

Efficiency Like Never Before

By incorporating our self-ordering solutions, you can practically delegate the entire ordering process to your patrons, which significantly eases the burden on your team. This also translates to reduced labour costs as your staff can redirect their focus to other pivotal operations.

Self Service Food Kiosk Systems

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Noteworthy Features of Our Restaurant POS System

Flexible Payment Options

Our restaurant POS system offers a variety of payment, loyalty, and voucher integrations, curated as per your business model.

Promote Brand Loyalty

Encourage repeat business by letting customers earn and cash in points directly through the kiosk orders, all in alliance with your loyalty program.

Efficient Cash Transactions

Our state-of-the-art kiosk software seamlessly integrates with cash management equipment, granting your customers an extended range of payment methods.

Seamless Scaling

Whether you operate a single outlet or a chain, our POS system ensures streamlined and consistent deployments across all locations.

Self Service Food Kiosk Systems

Experience the Future with Qikserve’s Self-Service Kiosks

Our self-service food kiosk systems redefine the dining experience. By granting patrons the liberty to browse, choose, and transact autonomously, we accelerate the ordering journey from meal selection to payment and collection. Every restaurant owner should witness the unmatched efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction that comes with our self serve kiosk solutions.