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Self Service Food Kiosk Systems

Kiosk Ordering

Giving your guests the power to browse, order, and pay by themselves through a seamless digital interface, from building their meal to payment and pickup.

Benefits of Kiosk

Increase ATV

With the autonomy to browse the menu and opt for upsells, extra items and meal deals, guests spend 30% more on average when ordering on a kiosk.

Improve Order Accuracy

Self-service kiosks guarantee order accuracy meaning less time and produce wastage. 47% of guests would prefer using kiosks to customize their orders.

Cut Queues & Wait Times

Manage your peak periods by eliminating the bottleneck caused by queuing at the counter, reduce wait times and increase order-taking capacity.

Drive Efficiency

Effectively outsource your entire ordering process to your guests, relieving pressure on your staff.

Self Service Food Kiosk Systems

What our clients say

Product Features

Flexible Payment Options

Multiple payment, loyalty and voucher integrations, tailored to your preferences.

Drive Loyalty

Earn and redeem points and products from Kiosk orders in partnership with your loyalty provider.

Cash Handling

Our Kiosk tech integrates directly with cash handling machines, empowering your guests with more ways to pay.

Scalable Deployments

Our software can be deployed seamlessly and efficiently across your stores.

Self Service Food Kiosk Systems


Giving your guests the power to browse, order, and pay by themselves. Through a seamless digital interface, guides your guests through the ordering process from building their meal, to payment and pickup.