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Pay at Table

Streamline your restaurant's payment process with our digital table payment solutions, allowing your guests to pay at their convenience whilst improving operational efficiency.

Benefits of Pay at Table

Faster Table Turns

Guests can pay at table and leave when they want to, allowing your staff to turn tables faster.

Enhanced Customer Service

Allows guests to pay at table on their terms. No need to wait around for the bill, improving overall guest satisfaction.

Increased Tips

Convenient tipping queues on the digital journey encourages guests to leave larger tips for your staff.

Secure Payments

Our platform prioritizes payment security to protect both your business and your customers.

Product Features

Split the Bill

Guests can easily split checks for multiple payments, eliminating the time and errors of manually splitting it.


Powerful gratuity function to easily set prompts leading to larger tips for your staff.

Guests easily scan QR code to securely pay at table without having to download additional apps.

Receive payments from popular digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay.

Pay at Table

Empowering your guests with the flexibility to pay at table digitally, when they want.