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Enable customers to Order and Pay at Table

Open Check

Increase your guest satisfaction and revenue by allowing them to order and pay at their convenience. No need to pay after each round – keep tabs open until your guest is ready to check out.

Order and Pay at Table

Benefits of Open Check

Enhanced Guest Experience

Open check ordering allows your guests to order and pay at their own pace, giving them more control and a better dining experience.

Faster Table Turns

No more waiting for the check to close. Customers can order and pay at table whenever they want, allowing staff to turn tables faster.

Increased Transaction Value

Guests have the autonomy to order more items at their convenience, without waiting to be served or having to make multiple transactions each time.

Deep Integration

Open Check integrates with your existing POS system and provides real-time updates, improving accuracy and efficiency whilst reducing errors.

What our team says

"As the head of product design at QikServe, I'm thrilled to see how our Open Check ordering product is transforming our customers operations. With its seamless integrations and intuitive interface, guests can now easily and efficiently place their orders, resulting in faster service, happier diners and more efficient restaurant operations."

Richard Murphy
QikServe Design Head

Order and Pay at Table

Product Features

Flexible Ordering Options

Flexible ordering options work in partnership with front of house servers or as a primary ordering channel.

Accessible from Any Device

The browser-based solution can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, giving your guests the flexibility to order and pay on their own terms.

Flexible Deployment

Open Check Ordering can be deployed with or without payment options, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your restaurant's needs.

No App Download.

Guests easily scan QR code to open their tab without having to download additional apps.

Order and Pay at Table

Open Check

One flexible QR code ordering solution supporting continual guest ordering without check closing for full-service restaurants.