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Powerful order and pay solution should be hospitality bosses’ first choice following shocking industry statistics.

The Office for National Statistics have officially published figures that show there were 173,000 vacancies in the sector across the UK last month.

With many of the vacancies in London, it mirrors the Capital’s unemployment figures “which has fallen by almost 100,000 over the year to the March to May quarter, reducing the jobless rate to just 4.6%”, reported by the Evening Standard.

Employers in hospitality are turning customers away due to staff shortages, with research suggesting circa 19% of jobs are unfilled, resulting in a 16% loss of sales – according to UKHospitality.

Coupled with the staff shortfall, prices are set to rise for customers, adding further concern for business owners. ONS have announced that 42% of businesses blame the increase on surging energy costs, along with recruitment costs.

But what if there was a way to ensure the customer experience remains at the forefront of service providers’ minds, even with fewer staff. QikServe’s order and pay technology gives customers the power to order and pay when they want, directly from the table.

The greater convenience of quick and easy touchless order and pay, and multiple payment methods, all with no app download needed, means staff can focus on delivering great customer service – not on fetching bills and payment terminals.

The technology features suggestive selling, digital loyalty card and promotional messaging, including the capability of sending push notifications and integration with email. Together, these elements help to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Hospitality bosses can streamline operations as the technology eases pressure on serving staff, as it allows them to focus on delivering great customer service.

To find out more about how QikServe can help your business rapidly deliver the ultimate in customer experience, get in touch today.

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