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Portsmouth FC – Mobile First

Portsmouth FC is pushing the boundaries of fan engagement with innovative technology solutions. Augmented reality programmes, Ticketing via social media and large screens all there to try and enhance the fan experience. But why? That’s easy! It makes commercial sense.

Portsmouth recently became the third UK Football club to partner with QikServe to deliver a mobile retail base for hospitality and merchandise. Fans can now use their smartphone with the QikServe App to buy football shirts, scarfs, hats, programmes and refreshments all delivered straight to seat.

The benefits to the fan are obvious no more standing in line or have to brave the busy club shop.

For the club, not only can they start a conversation but they can attract incremental sales from those who may not have bought before and those looking to make that impulse purchase when the team wins on the park. This weekend will see the club use QikServe for a beam back event at the stadium.

The team at Portsmouth FC are so delighted with the results that they intend to roll out QikServe to the rest of the stadium.

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