Add clicks to your
bricks with QikOrder

The flexibility to order and pay, your way

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QikOrder is all you and your customers need in an ordering service – and more.

Our patented (#9117231) feature-rich platform includes web, tablet, handheld, kiosk or mobile ordering applications, on-site and off-site solutions, and a multitude of customer journeys. From order ahead for collection, to open tab ordering on-site, we have the combination you want.

How we help:

Web Ordering

An integrated web-based platform that matches your brand

Customer Mobile Apps

Mobile ordering that provides a consistent brand connection

Server Mobile App

A customer-connected digital serving solution


A self-service software that improves business efficiency


Table service, without waiting on a waiter

QikServe Payment Service

Delivering and supporting your payment needs

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A recipe for digital loyalty, 5 ways

Contemporary loyalty programmes are all but unrecognisable from the methods retailers first used to promote loyalty and repeat spending. More than 300 years ago businesses

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