Scan, pay and go with Pay at Table

A safe, secure and simple contactless payment system

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Drive revenue through multiple service channels with Pay at Table.

Our touchless payment technology gives you the flexibility to take digital payments regardless of your business operation.

Let your guests pay when it suits them whether that’s at their table, the counter or your drive-thru. Use Pay at Table to streamline operations, improve table turnover and take pressure off staff by allowing them to focus on delivering great customer service – not on fetching bills and payment terminals.

How we help:

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Premium convenience, functionality, user-experience all rolled into one payment

"In an age where consumers crave convenience, Pay at Table has been a game changer. Since giving our guests the power to pay according to their own timeline, we've seen faster table turnover and enhanced customer satisfaction. With no need to fetch bills, payments and deliver change, our staff have had more time to manage other areas of service and to commit themselves to providing a first-rate Wahaca experience. Furthermore, receipts are emailed to the customer, eliminating the need for till rolls, and benefitting the environment."

The ultimate in customer experience

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