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Partner spotlight: an interview with Otter

We recently sat down with one of our newest partners, Otter, to find out what makes them tick and see if they had any words of wisdom to share with the market. You can read the full interview below:

What differentiates Otter?

Otter is more than an aggregator, we’re a partner in delivery management. We are passionate about what we do because we love food and people. As the way we eat evolves, restaurants around the globe are changing to cater to the growing delivery market – and we’re partnering with them to ensure this shift is as successful as possible. We know that each restaurant is different: our goal is to provide custom-fit solutions and support for each and every one of our partners.

What’s the most important trend impacting the market at the moment?

Even as dine-in returns, delivery doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Customers now see food delivery as a different occasion than going out to eat. As this happens, restaurants are also learning how to deal with a full dining room at the same time that their online channels are buzzing.

Did Otter make any changes or enhancements in response to COVID-19?

We know that COVID-19 hit the restaurant industry the hardest, and so our main mission has been creating new solutions to help our partners save time and money as the industry evolves. Since COVID-19, we’ve added many new features including the ability to manually input orders to the tablet whether or not they’re from a third party platform. We are also developing a new automated marketing platform called Boost by Otter, and an order handoff solution that helps restaurants seamlessly communicate order status and updates across the kitchen, couriers, and customers – Handoffs by Otter.

If you have one piece of advice for hospitality businesses looking to grow/recover post-lockdown what would it be?

Our advice for the hospitality industry comes from our restaurant partners themselves: invest in solutions that prepare your business for the future before the future arrives. Over 40% of restaurant owners invested in delivery solutions during the pandemic. If those same restaurants had invested in delivery solutions pre-pandemic, navigating the change would have likely been far less stressful. We have a few more tips on restaurant reopening on our blog.

Is there a key to a successful technology partnership?

For us, the key to a successful partnership lies in finding alignment and having similar goals to our partners. Our goal is to help restaurants grow and succeed at delivery —so we provide solutions that complement their existing efforts to make sure they succeed in delivery. It was great to find a partner such as Qikserve with whom we are so aligned when it comes to helping restaurants serve their customers even better, regardless of whether they are ordering in or eating at the restaurant.

You work with hundreds of food and beverage businesses, how do you ensure a great customer service to all of them?

It’s needless to say that food delivery is such a fast-paced business, and restaurants regularly tell us that there is one thing that is key, and that is how quickly they can get help whenever they happen to need it. That’s why we’ve worked really hard with our teams to deliver a world-class support experience for our restaurant partners. Whenever a restaurant writes to our team with any questions or requests, our team is able to respond in under a minute. We offer this to all of our customers, 7 days per week and in the local language.

Also, we assign many of our customers a dedicated and experienced Customer Success representative who goes on the journey towards succeeding in delivery alongside them. To make sure we maintain a high standard when it comes to relationships and our product, we’re constantly asking for feedback so we can provide a holistic solution for our restaurant partners. As the industry evolves, our partners evolve, and therefore we evolve!

What makes Otter a provider that food businesses can trust?

As a global company supporting restaurants big and small around the world, we’ve been able to help many of them thrive. But don’t just take our word for it, you can check out our customer testimonials on the Otter blog and see what our partners have to say!

Why would a brand need Otter?

In an already hectic industry, restaurants are looking for ways to simplify and succeed in delivery. If you’re a restaurant looking to increase sales and decrease stress, Otter is the right place to start. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Increase sales: Say goodbye to lost orders and missed revenue. Otter’s best-in-class data and insights solution helps you reduce costs, maximize revenue, minimize order errors, and expand your reach.
  • Optimize your business: No more trying to keep up with multiple delivery services, menus, or reports. Update your menu across all your delivery services from one place, track performance in real-time, and receive always-on support.
  • Manage your delivery from one place: Take control of your delivery business from one place. Consolidate all your delivery orders into a single tablet, auto-accept orders, and access order history & details so you can resolve any issue with a few clicks.
What should we expect to see from Otter in the coming months?

We’re focused on providing superpowers to delivery businesses in every way possible and will continue to work hard to improve the quality of our product, our team and our service. You can visit our website at to keep up with the latest updates.

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