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How Can You Create a Strong Company Culture in Hospitality?

You know your business better than anyone, and you know that company culture plays a vital role in the overall performance and satisfaction of your employees. The personality and character of your organization is one of the significant factors that employees consider when applying for jobs and workplace culture can help you impact an individual’s happiness and improve your employee’s (and therefore your business’) performance. 

Payments Rooted in Technology

As an adaptive business, here’s how you can use payments as a growth tool…

In our increasingly digitised world, seamless and efficient payment processing for digital transactions has become a priority across industries. Traditional payment processing systems no longer suffice as hospitality operators require a comprehensive payment platform to streamline their tech stack, drive sales and unify siloed data. Implementing a new system may seem daunting as budgets are tight and labour is strained, but innovation is the key to remaining competitive and it has never been more vital to provide a quick and painless way to pay.

How Restaurants Can Survive a Recession

We are settling into a new year and a fresh start, and as we plan ahead, we also reflect on how the past few years of disrupt has affected us. Our industry has been hit hard and continues to struggle to a full recovery – as soon as the fallout from one global crisis begins to heal, we are faced with the next. Hospitality operators constantly face a fight or flight decision as your venues must adapt to survive and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up.  

Success Stories: Bonnie & Wild

Bonnie & Wild’s Scottish Marketplace is the first of its kind; a beautiful food hall located in the capital’s centre offering the best of Scottish food and drink. From a quick coffee or a light bite with craft beers to fine dining with cocktails – the unrivalled menu choice provides something for everyone.