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My First Blog

Hi, My name is Dan and together with Ronnie and the team we bring you QikServe™

Have you ever been in a restaurant or pub and struggled to get served? Well, I was in this very situation earlier this year. My wife was working in London and I took our children there for a holiday. So one day while Caroline was working I took the children out for the day. At lunch time we took a seat in a bar/restaurant.  The magnitude of my predicament became clear. Here I was in a restaurant that was full, with a queue at the ordering point and a queue of people waiting to get a table, realising that I now had to leave my table (and my children) to order my food. By the way, my kids were hyper after a morning on the London Eye. I was left with a horrible dilemma.  Do I leave my kids at the table while I go up to the order point, or do I take my kids up with me and risk someone coming in and taking my table?  Anyway, I decide to inconvenience the people around me, not clever I know, and leave the children at the table.  However, it made for a stressful ordering process. Trying to remember my table number and order while continually checking back to make sure the kids were OK wasn’t pleasant. Now I never thought much about this in the past. But, when I got back to my table I got a e mail through on my smartphone and rather than immediately going to see what it was all about I immediately went to the App Market to look for an app to solve the problem I had just experienced.  I could not find anything and so QikServe was born….in my head anyway.
Not one to stand about and wait for some else to do it I decided to grab the nettle. So here we are! QikServe is set to revolutionize the this market. Imagine being able to sit at your table ordering all your food and drinks from the comfort of your seat. Well, QikServe does exactly that. QikServe™ is a revolutionary new service. No more queues, no more waiting for service, no more remembering orders, no more getting up and no more interruptions as your friend orders at the bar. QikServe™ allows you to order your food and drink from the comfort of your table.
So who are we?
I am experienced business consultant and entrepreneur. I have started two businesses; a software solution and management services  company for the pharmaceutical industry and a retail business with strong online and digital media presence. Since starting Qikserve I have talked to many people and by fate, luck and lots of coffee meetings came my encounter with Ronnie who immediately struck me as some who could help propel the QikServe business in a way that would probably take me years!! 

Ronnie has over 12 years of experience building hi‐tech startups. Ronnie has the rare ability to span the business and technology spectrums, combining deep technology understanding with incisive business acumen. He was the founder of Mobiqa, a mobile ticketing pioneer, which he built and saw through to the successful sale to a US multi‐national corporation. The products included barcoded mobile tickets and boarding passes delivered via SMS and MMS together with complementary mobile web sites and downloadable Apps. The service utilised a patented core mobile barcode and content device optimisation platform.
So, that is us, and this is my first blog. I am looking forward to an exciting and hectic few years engaging with restaurants, diners and other stakeholders. But, my passion is improving the customer experience. I want QikServe to be the new Mobiqa, Trainline or self serve supermarket checkout in the restaurant industry.

Together with our hugely experience in-house and developer partners we intend to transform the casual dining market. Bringing choice and convenience for diners everywhere.

You should not have to wait for service!!! Not when you have QikServe™.

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