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I’ll Pay You More, and Tell You More About Me

Insight into consumer behaviour costs you money, right? Wrong!

In these hard times operators are resorting to heavy discounting and promotion to gain access to customer data via discount websites, loyalty cards or even paper vouchers.

This has meant brisk trade for discount companies, such as Groupon, promising access to

Some loyalty cards give away up to 20% off the bottom line, to entice a customer. At best you sacrifice profit and worse you risk devaluing your brand.customer populations.

So, is there a better way without having to eat into your bottom line?  Yes!

Will customers give access up freely?  Yes!

Better still, will they spend more in doing so? Yes!

And we can prove it!

Rather than bribe customers, make it easy to engage with your service. Remove the barriers to service and offer customer a choice of ways to interact with your service teams.  Remote order points (counters, bars and kiosks), long queues and busy times can result in slow service, interruption, incovenience and annoyance for the customer.  When you remove these barriers by allowing customer to self order, customers are more willing to give up information in return and even spend more money – up to 73% more!

Even better, if you can do this through the customer’s personal mobile you will enable them to tell you about their likes, dislikes, buying preferences and even their extended networks.  All of the things you need in order to entice them back.

QikServe® is a mobile platform that allows customers to order food and drinks straight from their smartphone.

Our technology has been proven in bars and restaurants, hotels and more recently in sports stadiums. The data has been astonishing.

From our bars and restaurants, orders placed through the free QikServe® App show an amazing 50-73% increase on the average spend per transaction.

Why? I hear you ask. There are many reasons:

  •         Upsell processes are built into your menus. This means you are not relying on staff remembering all your upsell channels.
  •         Ordering through a device the customers are familiar with – their own mobile phone – makes the experience easy and convenient.
  •         There is less pressure to make snap decisions than when a service professional presents them with options not clear on the paper menu. Often the default answer is, no! In a self-serve scenario it is more likely, yes!
  •         Orders are combined.   The customer can order for others.   Where the customer would usually have to make 2 trips to the ordering point now they can combine this into one ordering event.  This also means less processing time for staff.
  •        Capture that all important second service – perhaps another coffee and cake, or a cheeky additional wine or two?  It’s so much easier and quicker to add it on when it is so convenient to order, without having to move or wait for a server.

So, you see, it is possible! Not only can you capture the order events linked to the account and therefore present more highly targeted and relevant offers in the future you can do it without gorging on your bottom line.

However, it is even better than that. As we have shown, the customer can end up sharing more, spending more, and coming back more, all because you simply helped them overcome those frustrating service barriers.

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