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How to do delivery, your way 

Whether it is after gaining confidence with your online ordering and collection solution, or because you feel delivery is the best option for keeping your staff safe through the ongoing pandemic, you may be considering switching your takeout food service to delivery only. With tightening restrictions on click and collect, you might also want to prepare should delivery become the easiest option.

Delivery can be daunting to the uninitiated, and it might be tempting to sign up with a third-party ordering aggregator that offers the service, such as UberEats, but other options could suit your business and brand better. Here we present three different ‘levels’ of delivery, starting with the most basic – and cheapest method: doing it yourself. 

How to do delivery, your way – the simple approach 

If you’re moving to delivery for the first time, the key is to start small, both in terms of the output and delivery location. Start by delivering only to the immediate area and streets that you know well – and keep numbers small.  

If you’re using QikServe’s order ahead platform you can either set your delivery range by distance, or by mapping an area via the dashboard. Output can be controlled by limiting the number of orders the system takes for each delivery slot, or by spacing slots so that they aren’t too close together. As you gain confidence you can amend these settings.  

Also consider how you want to transport your orders. If you’re in a built-up area and staying very local, bikes and motorcycles will help you move through narrow streets and avoid traffic. They’ll also save money on fuel – however, you won’t be able to carry as many orders with this method. Conversely, a car will let you transport more, and will make it easier to travel go further afield and return without wasting your own energy.  

Install a delivery management solution and staff as drivers 

A compromise between managing everything in-house and outsourcing your entire delivery service is to use a delivery management solution that gives greater level of control and transparency into your ventures.  

Technologies from companies such as Orderlord can be integrated with your EPOS and existing ordering platform to provide real-time order tracking for your whole team and the customer. Using a tool like this can enhance the reliability of your service and save costs by making the entire process more efficient; delivery routes can be optimised and pre-set notifications sent to customers without the need to stop and compose lengthy messages. 

With this option you can still choose to allocate physical delivery to your existing team, or you might want to hire additional staff to concentrate purely on this.  

Partner with a delivery company to manage it for you 

If you want to take orders through your own ordering platform (the benefits in doing so are numerous) but are not keen on managing the delivery side, you can partner with a dedicated delivery company.

The drawback to doing this is that you lose control of your brand once the food has left your building – if food arrives in a less than satisfactory state, through no fault of your own, it will still be your reputation it affects. However, there are also huge benefits to this route. Working with independent couriers that have an existing presence in the food market means you can save money on buying transportation, fuel and specialist delivery equipment like thermal bags and heated boxes. And, unlike working with an aggregator (such as Deliveroo) you will only have to spend money on the deliveries made, as opposed to paying commission on the meals themselves.  

We recommend carrying out detailed research on the couriers you use. Ensure they have experience with brands like your own and check how they vet their staff, so you know your food will be properly handled.  

All three of the above methods can work with your QikServe ordering platform, through which you will also gain detailed insight into who your customers are, what they are buying and when. With this data you can make the decisions you need to boost marketing, refine menus and optimise service at all times, whether that’s dine-in, take out or delivery.

Contact us now to discuss your delivery options and how they work with QikServe.

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