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How QikServe Payments Can Protect You from Fraud 

As digital ordering continues to gain momentum globally across the industry, this presents both huge opportunity and its own challenges. Fraudsters are evolving to become more sophisticated, meaning that fraudulent payments are a growing problem, and with QikServe Payments (QP) we are here to protect you from that. 

The challenges that businesses face in fighting fraud aren’t easily solved. But with QP, businesses have an excellent defense. Through QP and our partnership with Stripe you have access to a powerful fraud-prevention system designed to keep you safe, reduce the risks and costs associated with fraudulent activity, and reduce friction that can drive your guests away.

How Fraud Happens 

Before we dig into the details, it is useful to take a step back and review what exactly fraud means in the context of digital payments. Fraud essentially refers to a fraudster using someone else’s credit card number or credentials to make unauthorized purchases; when the actual account holder discovers the fraudulent transaction, they will initiate a dispute with their bank, commonly known as a chargeback.  

When a bank decides that the flagged transaction was in fact fraudulent, the account holder’s charge is overturned. The result? The account holder pays nothing, and the operator (you) is responsible for the transaction amount. On top of that, the operator is responsible for any additional fees associated with the dispute meaning that these costs can quickly add up and impact your bottom line.  

On the other hand, fraud detection can also block legitimate transactions, which is equally as problematic. This type of fraud means that you lose a sale, aggravate your guests and damage your reputation. Both types of fraud are costly and so it is increasingly important to have the right system in place to prevent fraudsters from causing serious harm, and to help ensure legitimate customers continue to have a great user experience.  

How QikServe Payments’ Fraud Protection Works 

The prospect of fighting fraud can be scary and confusing, but with QP, you can take advantage of Stripe’s Radar technology to:  

  • Prevent fraud losses: The unparalleled scale is a major advantage to businesses. It uniquely enables fraud to be detected and automatically blocked 
  • Increase revenue: Stripe’s expertise in machine learning and its vast dataset enable it to isolate high-risk transactions and reduce false positives, which helps boost your revenue 
  • Save time: Radar is automatically built into QP and requires zero lines of code, making it possible to get started instantly. This helps save operational time by providing one single platform f or you to monitor your fraud performance, write rules and more, all with a single solution 

You can also expect reduced operational cost, a lower cost of fraud overall, and lower dispute rates. Every time your guests orders online, they leave clues about their trustworthiness and our algorithms can evaluate the likelihood that a charge could be fraudulent by weighing hundreds of different clues, such as: 

  • Charge signals: Details such as the time of day the charge occurred, card type and card to IP address distance 
  • Behavioral signals: Details such as time spent browsing and number of pages visited 
  • Device signals: Characteristics such as screen size, font type and proxy use  
  • Aggregate signals: Historical data of a card, number of countries tied to the card, email and cardholder match, customer or other factors, and the number of recent declines associated with the card 

Based on a generated risk score, each charge is either automatically approved or blocked, all happening in real time, without impact to customer experience or work from your team.    

Deeper Insight for Custom Solutions 

For most operators, the risk assessment and blocking of high-risk transactions is all the protection you will need, whereas others may prefer taking a more hands-on role in fraud prevention. This can be especially important to strike the right balance of fending off fraudsters whilst allowing legitimate transactions to go through. At QikServe, we work in conjunction with our customers to control your level of protection ensuring it is tailored to your needs and risk threshold.   

We Have Your Back 

Unfortunately, fraud is constantly evolving and poses an ever-present risk for businesses. Having the right tools to fight fraud is essential – to defend against costly attacks, minimize the chances of blocking authentic guests, protect your reputation and ensure a seamless checkout experience.  

QikServe Payments and Stripe are great partners for ambitious businesses looking to protect their bottom line while meeting and exceeding guest expectations. Together, we help businesses grow and scale their digital ordering solution with confidence.  

While fraudsters are always changing to keep up with the times, so are we. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and perfect your tech stack, get in touch today!  

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