QikTips video: How can I tell my customers about our service?

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Twice a month, QikServe will publish a new QikTips video, offering fast, easy way to get hospitality marketing tips and operational advice from our expert team. Kicking off the series, we start at the start and ask: How can you tell customers about your new digital ordering service?


How can I tell my customers about our service?

When you launch a digital ordering service, the first hurdle is making sure your customers know about it. Here are five simple steps everyone should follow:

  • Print.
    • Consider your customer’s journey through your store and place posters and flyers in places that will grab their attention. Invest in a professional designer to make the visuals pop and include a QR code so customers can easily navigate to your service.
  • Email.
    • If you have a customer mailing list, make use of it and send an email or include a story in your next newsletter with links to the service. But don’t just do this once, plan ahead and schedule in reminders throughout the year
  • Social.
    • Where do your customers hang out? Twitter, Instagram, TikTok? Wherever they are, you should be. Post about your new solution, engage with customers direct and consider using a small amount of money to sponsor a post and get greater visibility
  • Website.
    • Your website is the equivalent to your shop window. It’s how customers find out who you are and what you have to offer online. So, tell them! Make it clear that you offer digital ordering and how easy it is for them to place an order.
  • Business cards.
    • If you’re already offering takeaway, why not slip some business cards in with the takeaway bags – print a QR code on them and consider including a discount offer code to convert customers to the service.

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