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Highly configurable solution that supports industries from cafes to theme parks.

Configured to your business model, not ours

Deliverect offers quality integrations across a wide range of online ordering systems and POS platforms around the world, and continues to build new ones every day. From food delivery app aggregation to your point-of-sale system and stock management tools, we’ve got you covered.

Sectors, verticals, niches - we’re there

Qikserve’s innovative solutions cater to a diverse range of sectors, enhancing customer experience and streamlining operations

Restaurants & Food Service

Revolutionize ordering and payment, enhance customer experience, and streamline operations.

Hotels & Accommodation

Upgrade guest services, optimize room service and in-room dining, and simplify payment processing.

Travel & Tourism

Maximize revenue, reduce wait times, and offer contactless ordering and payment for travelers.

Sports & Entertainment

Deliver seamless in-seat ordering, reduce wait times, and enhance game-day experiences for fans."

Healthcare & Senior Living

Improve patient and guests satisfaction and provide convenient contactless ordering and payment.

Education & Corporate

Transform cafeteria operations, improve employee satisfaction, and offer customizable payment and ordering options."