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Over 100+ Integrations

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Our integration suite

We have been working with some Fortune 200 partners

Integrations Philosophy

QikServe enhances your brand

We boost your product suite and client offering without you needing to invest in the capability yourselves. We constantly enhance our platform with updates based on the latest available technologies as well as feedback from our partners and customers.

QikServe’s team is easy to work with

Our partner pricing is easy to understand and sell; the core products are available for a flat monthly fee, and our payment processing platform is competitively priced.

Our open API means our technology can be easily integrated with third-party systems, from POS to loyalty.

QikServe wants to help your sales team

We believe in supporting our partners, and that starts by educating them in our digital technology and then giving them the right tools to sell it to the hospitality industry. Our partner portal offers access to all the sales and marketing materials needed to promote the platform, as a standalone product or as part of a combined technology range.

QikServe offers marketing expertise

Our marketing team is ready to help you make the most of your QikServe partnership. They will promote our work together, can provide guidance to your clients and are able to input into any ideas and content you come up with.