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Distraction game: How your players’ loss of focus might be costing your casino money

Gaming profitable but need a boost of those ancillary sales? Desperate to keep players at tables for longer but flagging down wait-staff getting the better of them? Look no further than the digitalisation of your guest-facing services. Here’s our top 6 technologies to up-the-ante on player experience, crack loyalty, and keep their head in the game for longer.

1. Digital signage: Reel players in and keep them where you want them with the dynamic, visual feast that is digital signage. Grab players’ attention and don’t let go by displaying captivating video content; advertising enticing offers and keep them bang up-to-date on the latest scores and standings.

Casino Gran Madrid – Columbus unveiled a dazzling array of state-of-the-art digital signs throughout the casino. Their main aim was to drastically improve communication and advertising with players, ultimately driving repeat business by creating a better experience for guests than competing venues.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has also ditched old school static signage and gone digital allowing them to work with split screens, crawl messages, dynamic content and even stream video from its pool area!

2. Park and play: Don’t let your players flitter away valuable time waiting for a valet or aimlessly searching for parking spaces, when they could be gaming. Get smart with your parking by checking out some of the latest technologies that can also be integrated into your existing loyalty programme. For example, Service Tracking Systems looks at players’ club card status and determines which players merit valet parking privileges, complimentary parking or even move VIP players to the top of the list when requesting their vehicle.

3. Interactive screens: When you have a sleek, futuristic, touchscreen gaming experience at your fingertips, your players won’t want to be anywhere else. Companies like Zytronic are completely changing the playing experience for guests with flashy touchscreen innovation. Clunky buttons are replaced with large-scale curved, ultra-modern looking screens that transform the look and feel of the casino taking it that next step into the future.

You may think touchscreens won’t fare well in a casino environment but thanks to Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT), your machines are protected from spills, scratches from watches or cufflinks and even the odd thump from a frustrated gamer!

4. LED tables and chairs: Never again let a guest pass you by without having a flutter! Create a spectacular, high-end atmosphere throughout the casino floor with LED gaming tables, chairs and other surfaces such a bar tops and dining tables.

LED casino table

Some of the reasons why people gamble include escapism, boredom, entertainment and the thrill. With that in mind, stunning LED furniture, gaming tables and lighting help to transport guests into another world creating an atmosphere that’ll make it that bit harder for players to tear themselves away.

(Image: courtesy of Colorado Casino Nights)

5. Mobile order and pay: When players are in the middle of a high stakes poker game, on a roll or completely engrossed in their game, the last thing you want is for them to get distracted. So when your players get the munchies after hours of gaming fun, instead of making them fight for wait-staff attention, why not offer them a convenient mobile order and pay service?

Players can browse the menu, order what they want, when they want it and close the check when it suits them. You can keep players at the table and drive food and drink sales at the same time. You can even link mobile order to players’ loyalty status. If they’re a high roller, they’ll be able to access the complimentary services they’re entitled to with just a tap of a finger.

6. Get smart with your loyalty: Consumer sentiment towards casinos is at an all time high meaning there’s never been a better time to fire up your loyalty efforts. When customers are happy spending a small fortune at your casino, loyalty stakes are high and a traditional approach just doesn’t cut it anymore.

One casino that’s taken a fresh approach to the loyalty game is Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Las Vegas.   They’ve used gaming concepts to encourage specific behaviours and boost engagement. Seven Feathers is driving loyalty by allowing customers to earn rewards by playing games in unexpected locations such as at the point of sale or through their emails. They’re also giving players greater control over their rewards making it possible for them to swap them if they don’t like the one they’re first offered.

So don’t leave player engagement, loyalty or experience up to chance. There’s some pretty impressive yet simple technologies out there that could make all the difference between holding their attention, staying and playing or literally watching money walk out the door.

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